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Pleasure to Play

Finding freedom in your acting through play and clowning

Looking for a new way to find more fun and pleasure in your acting work? Want to make bolder choices and take bigger risks on stage? Curious on how to translate your clown, your games, your improvisation to text work in a rehearsal situation ..... this is the workshop for you!

This on week masterclass combines both clown training and the fundamentals of acting through the spirit of play and how it translates to text work in a rehearsal situation.

It aims to bridge the gap of how pleasure, play and theatrical clown training can become an integral part of your work as an actor. Embrace you curiosity, chaos and fears on stage, stimulated your imagination, bring more focus and pleasure to objectives and actions in a scene and ultimately find the fun and joy in the very serious business of acting!

Games for the theatre has become an integral component in most theatre training establishments throughout the world, used not only in the rehearsal process but also as a way of preparing the actor to be creative. Le Jeu (the French word for “play”) sets out to let our participants discover the fun of being an actor and the pleasure of being onstage in front of an audience. Le Jeu is at the core of any actors performance and in their making.

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