Divian Ladwa and Krupa Pattani,  Child of the Divide, 2006

Child of the Divide (2006)

By Sudha Bhuchar
Adapted from the short story 
 by Bhisham Sahni


Director Kristine Landon-Smith
Designer Sue Mayes
Composer Arun Ghosh
Movement Director Lawrence Evans
Lighting Designer Ian Scott
Sound Designer Mike Furness
Cast Rina Fatania, Tony Jaywardena, Divian Ladwa, Krupa Pattani, Amit Sharma

When his fingers slip away from his father’s hand, one boy’s destiny changes forever.

In the chaos of border crossing between India and the newly formed Pakistan, a small Hindu boy called Pali suddenly finds himself lost and alone.  A childless couple take him in, and soon he is given a new name and a new faith – Islam.  In his changed world, he learns to find love and forge friendships.  But seven years later, when fate reunites him with his real parents, he must decide whether he is the boy he was born, the boy he was brought up to be, or simply a child of the divide.

Tamasha’s first play for children is a gripping and vitally relevant story of love and loss, friendship and belonging – for any young person who wants to be accepted just as they are.

Child of the Divide was commissioned by Tamasha and first performed as a co-production with Polka Theatre, where it premiered on 5 May 2006.


Best Kids' Show of 2006
Time Out London

“A wonderful and mature play that uses the story of one child to explore the tragedy of many thousands…it's a rare show with equal appeal to kids and adults, heart and head.”
The Guardian

Best Kids' Show of 2006
Time Out London

“It really was one of the best plays I’ve ever seen… The play taught me how important family is. It also taught me that everyone matters.”
Year 4 pupil, The Priory School, Wimbledon

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