Anjali Jay (Rani) & Rehan Sheikh (Nitin), Ghostdancing, 2001

Anjali Jay (Rani) & Rehan Sheikh (Nitin), Ghostdancing, 2001

Ghostdancing (2001)

by Deepak Verma based on Emile Zola's Thérèse Raquin

Raj is a sickly young man who works as a petty railway clerk.  He is married to his cousin, Rani, and the couple live with Raj’s mother who runs the family’s fabric shop, the mundane rhythm of their lives punctuated only by weekly games of carrom.  One day Nitin, an old school friend of Raj, comes to visit and Rani finds herself drawn to his apparent passion for life like a moth to a flame, unleashing a chain of events with tragic consequences…

Ghostdancing is a classic tale of adultery and murder, skilfully transposed to a small town in present day Punjab.



Director  Kristine Landon-Smith
Designer  Sue Mayes
Lighting Designers  Chris Davey and Tim Bray
Composer  Felix Cross
Movement Director  Lawrence Evans
Costume Supervisor  Nujma Yousef
Animation Advisor  Manju Gregory

Original Cast  Shammi Aulakh, Anjali Jay, Sameena Zehra, Simon Nagra, Rehan Sheikh


“Deepak Verma’s adaptation ...crackles with dry humour and evokes real passion; its characters are deftly drawn.”

Time Out