Kristine Landon-Smith is of mixed heritage born to an Indian mother and Australian father. Her career has been developed in the BAME sector in the UK. 

Kristine's practice is based on a belief that it is the actor that is at the centre of any work she makes in the theatre. To bring an actor to a piece of work where the actor is "free to fly” not only in performance but in every rehearsal requires a complex and in depth engagement with each actor individually.

Her practice encourages the actor to “play” well and at all times (with or without text), while nurturing the individual personality and spirit of the performer. Working closely with the actor’s cultural context and language in particular plays a large part in her practice.

Kristine has been hugely influenced by her former tutor and mentor, the French master of clown and bouffon Philippe Gaulier, and has frequently taught on the Greek Tragedy, Chekhov and Shakespeare courses at his Paris-based institute, L'Ecole Philippe Gaulier.

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