Kultour Gathering 2013 Public and Industry Forum: Right Here/Right Now!

Venue: BEMAC at the Queensland Multicultural Centre
Address: 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Qld
Date: Wednesday 11 September 2013

Chosen as one of nineteen artists around Australia working with diverse practices in diverse communities, to participate in the KULTOUR 2013 Artist laboratory (KG2013), followed by a forum produced by Kultour: Right Here/Right Now The KG2013 Laboratory brought a “cohort of 19 artists from around the country – 2 from each State and Territory” and 6 provocateurs together “to participate in a 48-hour laboratory intensive focusing on re-visioning and testing their creative concepts whilst sharing and investigating their artistic processes”. Right Here / Right Now! was an open forum that followed the Laboratory where practitioners and arts administrators could gather to interrogate “language and labels, contexts and concepts, frameworks and futures, options and opportunities, perceptions and presentation”.

Teresa Crea, co-founder of Australia's first bilingual theatre company - Doppio Teatro, opened Right Here / Right Now! with an exploration of the term “multiculturalism” and its historical context in Australia in the development of the new, culturally diverse voice within the Australian arts sector”, delivered the moving keynote address – sharing the story of his incredible life and practise. William summed up by explaining the importance for everyone to tell their own unique stories “so we can get to know who we are”. The 19 artists that participated in the 48 hours of the KG 2013 Laboratory then gave short presentations. Through speech, images, dance and music all the artists from diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds shared reflections and learning’s.

Kultour is now know as Diversity Arts Australia