One Book One Pen


 Dukes artist development production in collaboration with Kristine Landon-Smith
Supported by The Granada Foundation

Performed at The Dukes Theatre, 12th April 2018

Inspired by our production of Willy Russell’s much-loved classic Educating Rita, a group of local artists have been asking Lancaster and Morecambe residents what education means to them. Join our team of investigators for one night only as they bring to life the extraordinary stories they’ve uncovered.

Created in collaboration with award-winning artist Kristine Landon-Smith, this brand new theatre piece uses “headphone verbatim” technique, as seen at the National Theatre with Alecky Blythe’s award-winning show, London Road. The performers perform the text they’re hearing live via headphones in their ears: exactly repeating every word, hesitation or exclamation made by the original interviewee. This is live performance rooted in exact truth: an extraordinary surprising and eye-opening experience.

Based on interviews with people from across Lancaster and Morecambe, this unique new show offers an authentic, powerful, moving and often funny take on the meaning of education. Nearly forty years since Willy Russell wrote his modern classic, what’s changed?