Original illustration by Jane Laurie www.janelaurie.com

Original illustration by Jane Laurie www.janelaurie.com

The Arrival

2013 UK tour: 21 March - 13 April
Co-created by Kristine Landon-Smith and Sita Brahmachari 

Based on the illustrated novel by Shaun Tan
Directed by Kristine Landon -Smith; Scripted by Sita Brahmachari

A Tamasha and Circus Space collaboration

Dele plays a last game of football with his friends, says goodbye to his son and sets off on a voyage to a smog-filled metropolis across the sea.

Carrying only a small suitcase he embarks on a journey into the unknown. Others he meets along the way share his dream of building a home in a new city and being joined by their families. 

A moment of kindness in a sea of unfamiliarity… A long, hard day at work… 
A lively party… A nostalgic lullaby…

Based on the illustrated novel by Oscar winner Shaun Tan, one man’s tale echoes the many ‘arrivals’ happening around us all the time. This epic migration story unfolds through an extraordinary weaving together of theatre, circus and music.

We are thrilled to be working with iceandfireWrite to Life and the choir Woven Gold on a series of events around the themes of migration and asylum that will accompany the performances of  The Arrival. 

The Arrival has been in development since 2008, find out more about showcases at Circus Space 2011 and Southbank Centre 2012 plus past workshops and training as well as artists commissions (supported by London Councils) from 2010 - 2011 here.



"A beautifully understated show that encompasses many kinds of language: physical, musical and emotional ...Creeps up on you and seizes your heart"
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian 
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"A 50 minute gem... A beautiful, moving piece of loss and longing that never feels less than honest and truthful to those whose stories it represents... skilfully directed"
The Stage
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"A thing of rare beauty well worth trying to see."
The Public Reviews
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"A moving marriage of theatre, sound and circus... enchanting throughout... stunningly conceived."
One and Other, York
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"Multi-national, multi-skilled theatre with an uplifting message of hope for a better life that no-one should be denied. UKIP should watch it."
The York Press
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“I found myself holding my breath – amazed with every move that was made.”
The Good Review
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Creative Team

Director Kristine Landon-Smith
Script by Sita Brahmachari
Adam Wiltshire 
Freddie Opoku-Addaie
Visual Design
 Yeast Culture
Lighting Designer 
Andy Purves 
Felix Cross 
Sound Designer
 Mike Furness  
Circus Consultant 
Glen Stewart


Charlie Folorunsho 
Antonio Harris 
Gisele Edwards
Nektarios Papadopoulos
Antoinette Akodulu
Addis Williams
Jackie Le
Sam Hague


The Arrival promotional video

Tamasha and Circus space present The Arrival tour 2013: 21 Mar - 13 April


The Arrival - Highlights Video 2013

To view the entire performance, please contact me directly, whereby I will be able to provide with a vimeo link and password to view.


Accompanying Platform Performances

Making of documentary Write to Life - Tamasha and Ice & Fire

Documentary about the making of the performance with Write to Life, survivors of torture for performance as platform performance post  Tamasha’s production of The Arrival: