The Actor / Director Laboratory, day 3

Milton Lopes, (Actor participant): “What I learned or rather, re-learned from today is the total responsibility that the actor has of his work and that he has everything in him to do any kind of character. With Kristine directing, the actor finds a path where he shows and explores a spectrum of emotions common to the whole human race by focusing on his my own cultural background and individuality. This helps him to achieve a unique performance even when he delivers a Shakespeare monologue.”

Japjit Kaur (Actor participant):

"When I heard back from Tamasha and Felicity said “Congratulations! you have been selected for the actors workshop”, I was over the moon. But then came Sunday evening, and I got a bit nervous as I was unsure of what to expect!

"And now as I write this on a Wednesday after yet another insightful, wholesome and truly magical day, I cannot wait for the morning to come so that I can be in another session with Kristine and my fellow actors and directors.

"Kristine really understands how people work. It’s like she has this x-ray vision and can read you from afar. She instinctively knows what would work best with who. Once a friend said to me that no one else can be better than you at you being you - Kristine brings out the best of YOU! Over the past few days, I have discovered stuff about myself that even I didnt know was there, well at least I wasn't in touch with it. Her way of working gives you clarity, freedom, trust and most importantly it shows you the art of ‘play’. In the workshops we have all seen really captivating and beautiful sides of each other that we probably wouldnt have ever seen had Kristine not tapped into that part of us. People of different cultures, races, backgrounds, speakers of many languages- all came together so beautifully, yet individually into this lovely melting pot. So effortless! So beautiful! It’s simple when you think about it- but no one seems to practice it or know much about it! Kristine Landon-Smith has the secret! She’s a magical sculptor! I’ts been so much fun! I haven’t stopped smiling since Monday! :-)"