Actor/Director Lab 2011 Day 4

Renu Arora - Director Buddy

Being back on the Actor/Director as a Director Buddy is a wonderfully interesting experience - firstly because, while observing, I get a real 'sense' of where everyone is at within the process, and having to 'hold' all of those energies in my own mind, to be ready for a chat with anyone in case anyone needs to offload & discuss. This is taking me back to my own Actor Director Lab last December - as the advice I'm giving out the to other Directors this week, is advice I often need to deeper heed for myself!

I am also using the course to further deepen my own process. Watching the other directors work with the actors, on the one hand, has helped me realise how much I've already integrated so far - and on the other hand, am becoming very aware that while my instinct is now to look at the actor, I am aware that I need to look even deeper - to the 'extraordinary', in order to take my work up to the next level.

Kris has an extraordinary way of intuiting the different levels in the room, and 'holding' this. For example, watching two actors work with a short scene, one actor may be struggling with the text more than the other – it’s fascinating to watch Kris set an exercise that both will enjoy playing, and as a result, evens out any imbalances that were previously there, so bringing them both to a similar level.

And what a fabulous opportunity to witness the collaboration between Kris and William (voice coach), working on texts. William's insight with the voice totally complements Kris' instinct with their performances. I am thrilled and very privileged to be part of the scheme once again, as I am learning so much more for my own process, whilst at the same time, giving back.